Welcome 2 Ethylene By: Vivian and Elizabeth

Carbon is an archaic element that
has many uses, such as sustaining human life! It also forms more compounds
than all of the elements combined. Hydrogen is also very useful.

This wiki is all about the compound "C2H4." Also known as ethylene,
this compound is a natural hormone injected into plants to accelerate the
ripening of these fruits, specifically bananas. In this element, there are two atoms of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen.

"Hydrogen is the lightest element and can be used as a lifting agent in
balloons. Since Hydrogen gas is highly inflammable, it can be dangerous to
use. But this property and others make Hydrogen suitable for use as a fuel.
The most common use of Hydrogen is in chemical processes and reactions."


Don't worry though, you'll understand what the C2H4 compound is soon enough. Enjoy!